Interview With Singer/Songwriter Tatiana Moroz

By Jason Daniel Baker

Though some men in the bars and coffee houses she plays will be intimidated by her looks she is the type of vivacious woman a guy will buy a drink for and feel like he got his money's worth just for the conversation. Earthy, erudite but with an edgy cynicism she also makes for a hell of an interview when you can get away from the recording studio long enough.

She can see Manhattan from her apartment window but has never had the desire to live there though she works at a studio there and plays bars in the Village like Wicked Willie's on Bleeker St, Culture Fix in Soho, and Paddy Reilly's on 2nd Ave.

"I like Jersey, Jersey's great! Especially where I live. It's not all like Jersey Shore (The TV reality show). Manhattan is really close by but I don't have to deal with racket of Manhattan. I like peace and quiet," No doubt to rest up given that it has been a very busy spring for this appealing, multi-dimensional artist.

She took the time to appear in a musical with a science fiction theme called 'Europa'. The company put on four performances in prep of more in the future.

"The musical was a fantastic experience. It's funny how it all came together, I hadn't done any acting since high school. A few months ago however, my friend's boyfriend was in a musical and I was invited to go. I couldn't make it, but I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow I really loved doing the musicals back in the day, it was such a great time.  It would be awesome to do another, but oh well. How would that even come up?' About a month later, I got a call from Brian McLane who created 'Europa.' He said he had the perfect part for me, one of the leads in this new science-fiction outer space glam rock production. I auditioned and got the role. It was a ton of fun, and will hopefully grow into a longer run.  For now I think there is some internal reorganization"Says Tatiana.

As for live shows there should be a few concerts this summer. On touring Moroz remains enthusiastic "I would like to go anywhere and everywhere I can get good gigs. I love travel!  For now I'm booking California and the West Coast for October.  This summer, within 400 miles of NYC in all directions. I'm trying to squeeze in Nashville, Memphis, Asheville and further south within this year."

"When I play live I actually want it to sound close to what it sounds like when I'm rehearsing in my room (Of her little corner studio apartment in North Bergen, New Jersey) when there is nothing going on and I have that sense of freedom and when I'm just playing for myself"

Commenting on production of the album, her second, which she is currently in the process of recording "This experience is a million times easier. Its like I know who I wanna work with and I've been through it already, it's just a pleasure. The second time around is way easier! But the first time, it was really hard. I think that a certain amount of strength and character is built up in doing it yourself and I like the amount of control that I have over it as well. Besides, nobody even goes to labels to get signed anymore. They are not signing anyone without a huge fan base of tens of thousands. And once you are at that point, I'm not really sure why you would need the label anyway. You can do some much on your own, so why the hell would you wanna give away 80% or more of everything to a label?  Sure there are some things they really excel at, but is it worth that huge chunk of income you can generate on your own?"

She has political concerns but puts them firmly in their place "I don't know that stuff like that has as much endurance as the singular experience of who you are as a human being. On your deathbead you're going to be thinking about friends, family, who you love, how you love, whether you've been a good person or not etc. Not outside things like politics you're never gonna change. Don't get me wrong, I rally, I call my politicians, I pay attention and I will preach in song, but as far as I am concerned, 95% of the governments of the world are fucked up and evil. Why focus on the bad though? Lot's of hope and love out there."

Her new track 'News Report' came out better than expected but she has not yet decided if she will lead with on the album. "I like all my songs. They're like all my little babies. You're not gonna say which one you like better."

The National Consciousness, Copyright 2011