Dawn Maracle

By Jason Daniel Baker

Dawn Maracle's long musical journey echoes that of countless musicians who took up playing professionally leaving themselves at the mercy of the countless bumps in the road along the way. She followed her heart musically crossing genres but also went where the work was in a career that spans four decades. She fondly recalls opening for both the Coasters and T.Graham Brown.

The memories aren't all good ones for this artist but the vast breadth of the experience tends to leave people with a better appreciation of themselves, what they have done, where they have been and where they might go with their creative muse next.

Starting out in bands in the mid-1970s in upstate New York she had mastered drums and bass but would come to embrace the front of the stage as a vocalist/guitarist. In the early 1980s she found success as one of the highest paid female singers on the hotel circuit in the state of New York.

A move to Southern California in 1986 led to Dawn finding an agent who booked her solo act on a tour that took her to Japan and after forming a power trio called 'The California Girls' toured Alaska. Her dozen year sojourn in California saw her play as a guitarist, bassist, and drummer in addition to her singing.

In the late 1980s after playing in bands like 'Cannonball Express' she began to explore country music forming the band 'Dawn Maracle and Daybreak' and was soon winning awards as a vocalist, guitarist and composer.

The success in the genre but a desire to continue performing rock and blues on the various instruments she has mastered led her to conclude that a move to Austin, Texas would serve her interests and she relocated there in 1998. The L.A. rock scene had deteriorated as club embraced hip-hop and DJs.

The Austin, Texas music scene offered such venerable clubs as Momo's, Antone's, the Saxon Pub and the Riverwalk amongst many others but its pull factor for musicians to congregate there is never lesser competition.

"Austin is certainly a very crowded pond indeed. So in order to be noticed you have to step up your game and get very very competitive and creative to set yourself apart. It is not just about getting a job like in other places I have been where I was so spoiled by the ability to get booked. Now I had to go above and beyond my usual marketing and booking strategies. I am a better songwriter, musician, business woman and marketing person than I was before thanks to Austin, Texas!"

Having composed one-hundred plus songs in various genres she has recently been signed to the Tate Music Group and is set to release a Christian-themed CD in 2012,